Analyze niche using Google Trends

Analyze niche using Google Trends
I have written some website niche finding tips before writing this article. In addition, I am writing this article to give some knowledge about Google Trends. Before starting your website you need to analyze people interest about niche. Google provides great tool named as Google Trends.

So why not to analyze niche using Google trends?

What is Google Trends? What is use of This?
To analyze niche, Google created an important tool which is called as Google Trends.
This tool provides detailed information about keyword or topic typed by you. It shows how popular your keyword globally. You can narrow result by choosing specific country.
Google Trends shows result in 3 modules.

  • Hot searches
  • top charts
  • explore

How to analyze niche using Google trends?

You will find Google Trends Here.
Following page will be open. Google Trends will be open by analyzing your country. It will show results as per your country. You can check results for different countries by using drop-down box.
Google trends first page

The above image shows what is trending in India. There are three columns in above image.

  • Trending now (shows hot searches).
  • 2013 charts (shows Top chart).
  • Explore In depth (you can check your keyword).

Hot Searches:
You can find most popular trends on daily basis. If you open hot searches page, you will see most trending results till today. On 25 most searches came on the topic of cricket because India vs England ODI series started. On 26th August Air India topic was trending because Air India website was crashed. You will see these kind of results on the basis of most searched in specific country.
Following image is showing Hot searches in India.
Hot searches link
Hot earches in Google trends

Top charts:
Top charts shows results on the basis country and category. It shows results rank wise in particular category. Following Image shows category wise ranking of keywords. Top charts link hereTop charts in Google trends


Now the following part is main part to analyze niche using Google trends.
Explore is one of the module in Google Trends. This is link of Explore page in Google trends.
Explorer module enables you to put your keyword and see result. You can put more words by clicking on add term and compare interest over time. Also you can compare and analyze regional interest along with related searches.
Lets see result of seo, website and blog in last 90 days.
Interest over time
Regional interest

related searches


For my website I have analyze niche using Google trends with these three topics. I have merged these three topic into one word and  created my website name as

Don’t forget to read website niche finding tips because this article is one of the part of that article.



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