Analyze website stats using website analysis system

Why website analysis system?

Importance of website analysis can be shown in following scenario.
Suppose you want to score total of 80% in all 2 college exam semester. How you would know whether you got 80% or not?
Exam result will tell you how much marks and percentage you got. Also you want that exam result after each semester, so that you can analyze result and make strategy for future study.

Same thing website analysis system does.

What is website analysis system?

Website analysis system is project which is purposely made to provide website stats like exam result in above scenario.
Large web analysis system provides more detailed stats about traffic such as number of visitors, number of returning visitors, country of visitors, search keyword and so much.
There are various vendors that provides website analysis system. Some analysis systems are paid and some are free. Some are just widgets which shows small amount of stats (like visitor counter widget). Some are large website or software that shows large amount of stats.

But from all website analysis system I recommend Google Analytic system which is best web analytic system in world. We will cover detailed tutorial about Google Analytics in this website.

Here are some analytic systems you might likes to use.
Free web analytic systems.

  1. Google analytic.
  2. Reinvigorate.(free basic plan).
  3. MixPanel.(free upto 25000 data points).
  4. Woopra.(free basic plan)
  5. Yahoo marketing Dashboard.
  6. Piwik.
  7. Clicky( free for 1 site, 3k pageviews).
  8. GoingUP.
  9. Open web analytic.
  10. Statcounter.

Paid web analytic systems.

  1. Reinvigorate.
  2. iperception.
  3. Google analytics premium.
  4. webtrends.
  5. mint.
  6. MixPanel.
  7. kissmetric.
  8. sitespect.
  9. woopra.
  10. Autonomy.

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