Layout Feature in Blogger

LayoutLayout feature in blogger provides User Interface that helps to add, edit or delete widgets. Layout is depends on theme.

Themes provides different kinds of layouts. Most commonly used layouts are:

  • Content-Sidebar.
  • sidebar-content.
  • sidebar-content-sidebar.
  • content-sidebar-sidebar.

Layouts widths can be re-sized.

Layout can be change at template–>customize–>layout. and re-sized at template–>customize–>adjust width.

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How to upload themes (template) using blogger (blogspot)?

upload themes using bloggerThis is Frequently asked question by webmasters who uses blogger platform. Although blogger platform already provides some predefined themes. But not all blogger/webmaster uses that. They want different themes other than blogger’s predefined themes. There are various website that provides blogger(blogspot) template. But downloading those themes worth if you know how to upload it?

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How to Create post and pages using blogger platform?

Creating post using blogger platform is very easy. Blogger also provides visual as well as coding interface like WordPress. Hence creating post using blogger doesn’t required coding knowledge. Here visual interface can be obtained by clicking on the compose tab. Coding Interface can be obtained by clicking on HTML tab.

By reading this article, you can create your own post and pages using blogger.

Create new post.

Create post using blogger platform

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Blogger setup guide to get started with blogging.

Follow step by step Blogger setup guide to get started with blogging.

Before getting started with Blogger you must have the Google account.

Step 1: Create Google Account

Visit Gmail.

If you already have a Google account, then start with step 2.

otherwise, click on Create an account.

Fill appropriate information on Signup form and submit. … Read more