CSS animation example 4: Book cover animation

CSS book coverFollowing code will create the book step by step using the CSS animation.

book cover animation output
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How to create blinking text using CSS?

Blinking text is used to attract the user’s eyes. That’s why blinking text is mostly seen in advertising. Sometimes important message can also flag using blinking text.

HTML have <blink> tag, also there is text-decoration:blink property in CSS. But they are not working, hence we need to change the opacity in frequently to hide and show the text. For that we need animation.

Following example will help to create blinking text using CSS.

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Opacity property in CSS

Sometimes opacity becomes most important property when we are overlapping the elements or to make a good user experience.
Opacity property is mostly used for images. But it can be used for div, span or any other elements.
Some web designers also use the opacity property for hiding an HTML element.
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CSS animation example1: fire bullet from the gun

CSS animation example1: fire bullet from the gunFollowing example will fire 4 bullets from the gun and then after firing 4th bullet, detective sush message will appear on the next div.

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CSS3 transition properties

CSS3 transition helps to change property values smoothly. CSS3 transition Properties needs mouse activity to start.

There are following CSS3 transition properties

  • transition-delay.
  • transition-duration.
  • transition-property.
  • transition-timing-function.

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CSS3 transforms (2D and 3D transforms).

CSS3 transforms helps to rotate, to change the shape, size and the position of targeted element.

There are two types of transforms.

  • 2D transforms.
  • 3D transforms.

There are following important CSS3 transforms methods.

  • Translate().
  • Rotate().
  • Scale().
  • Skew().
  • Matrix().

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CSS media types and @media rule

CSS media types allow to personalize the elements according to media platform.

There are following media types.

  • All.
  • Print.
  • Screen.
  • Handheld.
  • TV.
  • Projection
  • Aural.
  • Braille.
  • Embossed.
  • Tty

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CSS text properties

CSS text propertiesCSS text properties help to customize and style the targeted text.

CSS text properties contain following values

  • Text-decoration
  • Text-indent
  • Text-transform
  • Vertical-align
  • Line-height
  • Letter-spacing
  • Word-spacing
  • color
  • text-shadow
  • White-space.

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CSS3 animation: Put some animation effects on element.

CSS3 animation is a great way to put some animation effects to the specified element.


@keyframes helps to divide animation in frames. Without keyframe animation wont work. You can specify initial and final property by using percentage or using keywords like “from”, “to”. You will get example at the end of the article.


@keyframe value_of_animation_name_property{

Animation properties.

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