CSS font properties.

CSS font properties helps to customize the font.

There are following CSS font properties.

  • Font family.
  • Font style.
  • Font size..
  • Font variant.
  • Font weight.

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CSS for links (link, visited, hover, active).

Like other elements links can be also style using CSS. When you hover the mouse on the links in Facebook, you will see underlined link. You may also seen changed link color of visited links on Google. These all things can be done using CSS.

Styling Links.

You can use all CSS properties related to text to style links.

Links can be found in four states. … Read more

CSS Position properties

CSS position propertiesCSS position property is generally used to overlap the elements. By setting direction (left, right, top, bottom), you can set the position of an element. An element can be overlapped by using position properties. Directions will not work until you specify position property.

This article will teach you.

  • CSS position property with explanation and examples.
  • Making an awesome book cover page using CSS position properties.

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CSS background and CSS 3 background.

CSS background helps to personalize the background of the specified element, class, id or attribute.

CSS background properties.

  • Background-color.
  • Background-size.  css3
  • Background-origin.  css3
  • Background-image.
  • Background-repeat.
  • Background-position.
  • Background attachment.


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CSS attribute selectors helps to apply style on any attribute of an element.

We have seen various CSS selectors before. You have learnt about id selectors, class selectors, type selectors and so on.

Now its time to learn about attribute selectors.

What is an attribute?

In general, Attribute is a category which contain information about an object. Every attribute has some value.
Suppose “Sushrut got 80% marks”. This sentence tells marks of Sushrut. Here object is Sushrut, attribute is marks and value is 80%. … Read more

CSS box model (Example and properties of padding, border, margin).

CSS box modelEvery HTML element is a part of the box model. Distance between the two texts and two lines are one of the examples.
CSS box model has three important properties.

  • Padding.
  • Border.
  • Margin.

These properties are situated around the HTML element. … Read more

Ways to insert CSS (cascading Style Sheet)

There are 3 ways to insert CSS in website.

  • Inline Style.
  • Embedded Style sheet.
  • External style sheet.

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Selectors in Cascading style sheet (CSS).

Selectors are used to provide specified settings (effect) to content within specified elements.

There are four types of selectors.

  • Universal selector.
  • Type selector.
  • Class selector.
  • ID selectors.

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