Digital Marketing elements to take into consideration

Digital Marketing ElementsIn order for a business to thrive nowadays markets, it should establish a strong digital footprint from the internet. So, when business people started defining a marketing strategy, they must already have set up an excellent online marketing plan. Without one, Digital Marketing elements like brand visibility, new client acquisition, and revenue generation, obstruction may be occur in marketing strategy .

Digital Marketing Elements.

Probably the most essential Digital Marketing elements involve a various considerations. This consideration includes Email Marketing, search engines, content marketing, social media marketing, and mobile considerations. When properly combined, these five elements comprise a efficient internet marketing strategy. How a business chooses to define all these components has a direct correlation with all the failure or success. … Read more

How to add Facebook fan page to SEE MORE link?

Facebook fan page to see more link

You probably have seen many Facebook admins uses this trick. They write some part of the article and adds a Facebook fan page to See more link and publish it in different groups. People feel they can read full article after clicking see more link. But since page admin added his Facebook page to see more link, people get redirected to that specified page.

The fact is you can add Facebook fan page link to any word. But admins use it to the word “see more”.

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How to get Facebook page like box in your website?

You have seen Facebook Page like box in this website.

If you want it for your website too. Here is tutorial to get Facebook page like box in your website.

There are various methods available to get Facebook page like box in your website.
For WordPress, plugins are available.
Plugins enables to put Facebook page like box only using widgets.
But there is another simple method that I have used to get Facebook page like box in my website.
This method is applicable websites using any Content management system.
Also you can put this Facebook page like box anywhere in your website. … Read more