Google analytics behavior reports

Google analytics behavior section helps to analyze how people find and interacts with your content. The behavioral reports contain following features.

  • Behavior Flow
  • Site Content
  • Site Speed
  • Site Search
  • Events
  • AdSense
  • Experiments
  • In-Page Analytics

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Google analytics Acquisition

Acquisition is most important feature for webmasters. This section shows the source from where traffic comes in your website. This section helps to analyze behavior of traffic. There are some features that are parts this section.

  • Channels.
  • All Traffic.
  • All Referrals.
  • Campaigns.
  • Keywords.
  • Cost Analysis.
  • AdWords.
  • Social.
  • Search Engine Optimization.

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See your website Audience using Google analytics audience analysis

We know that Google analytics have real time feature which shows live traffic reports. Also real time shows location of visitors. Then why anyone would use Audience feature in Google analytics?

The main reason behind this is range Real time reports are limited to 30 minutes. Which is very low. Also the Real time reports provides less detailed reports compared to features in audience menu.

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Google analytics real time feature shows live report

What will you feel if you get reports immediately after event?

Google analytics real time feature is fastest reporting feature in Google analytics. When any user access your website Google analytics shows report immediately in seconds. Data updates continuously and each pageview reported in seconds. Because of this feature Google analytics became very popular among webmaster.

Which data shows in Real Time?

  • Number of people currently visiting your website.
  • Geographical location.
  • URL of pages which are currently viewing.
  • Keyword, Referral traffic, social traffic.
  • Graph shows pageviews per seconds and per minutes.

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Google analytics dashboard

Google analytics dashboard is a collection of reports in the form of widgets. Showing many reports at once, is the aim of the dashboard. Its completely on you to decide which report you want to see.Also, you can create your own dashboard.

How to find Google analytics dashboard?

  1. Log into Google Analytics.
  2. Click on reporting tab.
  3. Select dashboard.

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Google Analytics Reporting Page

Google Analytics Reporting Page is a page where you can see detailed reports about your website traffic.

Various menus will help you to find your reports in detailed manner.

This page can be obtain by either clicking on all website data from home page or clicking on reporting

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Google analytics Home page

The Page which comes after log in Google analytics is called as  Google Analytics Home Page.

This page shows all accounts which are created by using respective (same) email address.
This page shows small summary about website performance corresponding to account.

While creating account you have been said to put your account name and website name. Folders are created after you create account by your account name and website name.
Account name folder is parent of website name folder.
All website data is kept under website name folder.

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Analyze website stats using website analysis system

Why website analysis system?

Importance of website analysis can be shown in following scenario.
Suppose you want to score total of 80% in all 2 college exam semester. How you would know whether you got 80% or not?
Exam result will tell you how much marks and percentage you got. Also you want that exam result after each semester, so that you can analyze result and make strategy for future study.

Same thing website analysis system does.

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