WP user avatar WordPress plugin helps to change the avatar

About WP user avatar WordPress Plugin.

WP user avatar WordPress PluginAuthor: Flippercode.
Plugin page and download link: WP user avatar.
Current version: 1.9.17.
Purpose: To enable users and admins to upload their avatar.

Frequently Asked Question:

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WP Copy Protect WordPress plugin : Disable content from copying

About WP Copy Protect WordPress plugin.

Author and Official Website: Chetan Gole(chetangole.com).
Official Plugin page and download linkchetangole.com/blog/wp-copyprotect.
WordPress Plugin page and download link: wordpress.org/plugins/wp-copyprotect.
Current version
: 3.0.0.
Purpose : Disables content from copying.
compatibility: WordPress.org says, this plugin is compatible upto wordpress version 3.6.1. I am currently using it on latest wordpress version 4.1 and according to my opinion, this plugin is working correctly on wordpress 4.1.

Support: chetangole.com/blog/contact or chetangole@gmail.com.
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Nowtalk WordPress Plugin for group chatting free download

About Nowtalk WordPress Plugin.

nowtalk wordpress pluginAuthor = Nowtalk Inc.
Official website = nowtalk.com
Latest version = 1.0.2
Purpose = To provide the Group chatting feature for website.
Nowtalk download link.

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Jetpack WordPress plugin: Important features in one

Jetpack wordpress pluginAbout Jetpack WordPress plugin.

Author = Automattic.
Official website = jetpack.me.
Latest version = 3.3
Purpose = Makes available lots of popular features in single place.

Modules of Jetpack plugin:


Jetpack added this module to personalize and improve the website appearance. Currently Jetpack added 8 features under appearance module. … Read more