What is the Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)? How to increase it?

Conversion Rate Optimization

From this website (seowebsiteblog.com) we learned about the Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing (SMO), etc. The organization might have a large amount of traffic. But those organizations become successful in their business whose conversion rate is high. There are also some organization who fails in their business even if they manage to have a large number of visits. In short, Conversion Rate makes the difference between successful and unsuccessful business. Hence, the Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO Optimization) process plays an important role to make a successful business. … Read more

Digital Marketing elements to take into consideration

Digital Marketing ElementsIn order for a business to thrive nowadays markets, it should establish a strong digital footprint from the internet. So, when business people started defining a marketing strategy, they must already have set up an excellent online marketing plan. Without one, Digital Marketing elements like brand visibility, new client acquisition, and revenue generation, obstruction may be occur in marketing strategy .

Digital Marketing Elements.

Probably the most essential Digital Marketing elements involve a various considerations. This consideration includes Email Marketing, search engines, content marketing, social media marketing, and mobile considerations. When properly combined, these five elements comprise a efficient internet marketing strategy. How a business chooses to define all these components has a direct correlation with all the failure or success. … Read more

SEO Trust Factor : The Most important Off Page Optimization Factor

SEO Trust factorCustomer trust is a backbone behind the most successful business. If your products satisfies (or over-satisfies) the customers requirement, then he will come again to buy your other products also. Also he will tell others about your product. This is overall concept about the trust. Trust may create multiple conversions from single customer. Hence for every business and organisations, customer is King.

Trust Factor in SEO:

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Link building Strategies – Do and Don’ts

Link building strategiesWe all know that link building is most crucial thing in this game of the strategy (I mean SEO). And to win this strategy game of the SEO, we need quality of links. We need to improve the Page Rank to build the trust. Natural link building is a long time process. We all know that, Google also know that.

But many webmaster need instant results and some webmaster don’t know how to build links naturally. Hence they implements the link building strategies in wrong way. If Google algorithm finds such webpages that void the Google guidelines of link schemes, then it will send it to Google penguin algorithm.

Here are some Link Building Strategies described with SWB (SeoWebsiteBlog) score. You can Analyse and implement it.

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What is the best article? How to write it?

The Best article is an article which fulfills users all needs quickly and encourages the user to share.

How to write a best articleIt is always recommended that an article should be more than 300 words. Sometimes it is not possible for some webmaster to write big articles. Hence, they write something extra (like summary, helping paragraphs) to fulfill 300 word article.

But according to me, how to write the best article?

What is a Sitemap? How to create it? Its types and Importance

What is a Sitemap? Why it is used?

Sitemap is a file which provides all the links (not private links) of the content present in the website
XML Sitemap Example
Suppose there are two e-books around 300 pages, both have a similar content, but only 1st book have a Table of Content. Which book would you like to read? Obviously 1st. The main reason behind this is, Table of Content helps readers to find their topic quickly and easily. Without Table of Contents, reader need to go throughout the book and find their topic.

For websites, Sitemaps does a same role as I mention above for e-books.

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What kind of nature that every blogger should have?

Nature-of-the-bloggerEvery person has a different nature, behavior, mind, thinking, etc. and that’s why every person is unique. The nature of the person is one of the aspect that can make a difference between successful and unsuccessful people among the world. Every organization has a special people and they are special because of their different nature.

As per above summary, Have you ever noticed the nature of the successful blogger?
Have you thought, What kind of nature that every blogger should have?
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What is Robots.txt file? How to Create it?


Robots.txt file

By default Search Engine Crawlers are made to crawl each and every page of the website. Crawlers will crawl each and every page and will submit it to index as per Search Engine Guidelines. But website may contain some confidential content that should not be shown to the user. Those confidential contents may be leaked, if search engine indexed and ranked those pages. Obviously, no webmaster wants to go through from such condition. So, How to prevent Search Engine to index such confidential web pages?. Robots.txt file will help you . … Read more

How to be safe from Google Penguin and panda algorithm?

When Google finds any misuse of their algorithm, they include some more things in their algorithm and upgrade it.
Till now, Google upgraded their algorithm frequently and every time webmasters affected badly who misused them.
Google takes very much importance on the relevancy and satisfaction of users. Hence Google is number 1 search engine in the world. Everyone knows prevention is better than cure. So, it is better to be safe from Google Panda Algorithm and Google penguin algorithm.

Before understanding “How to be safe from Google Penguin and panda algorithm”, lets know about Google panda and Penguin algorithm. … Read more

Meta tags and their uses for SEO

What is Meta tags?

meta tags

Most of the webmaster uses meta tags in their websites. If you are visiting the website then right click and view page source you will see some meta tags with corresponding attributes. Newbies maybe don’t know about this. Hence I have specially written this post to aware webmaster about meta tags.

Meta tags provides information and metadata about webpage and supports HTML and XHTML language. They are written in <head> section. Like other html tags Meta tags also contents attributes and each attributes have different characteristics.

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