How to be safe from Google Penguin and panda algorithm?

When Google finds any misuse of their algorithm, they include some more things in their algorithm and upgrade it.
Till now, Google upgraded their algorithm frequently and every time webmasters affected badly who misused them.
Google takes very much importance on the relevancy and satisfaction of users. Hence Google is number 1 search engine in the world. Everyone knows prevention is better than cure. So, it is better to be safe from Google Panda Algorithm and Google penguin algorithm.

Before understanding “How to be safe from Google Penguin and panda algorithm”, lets know about Google panda and Penguin algorithm.

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Meta tags and their uses for SEO

What is Meta tags?

meta tags

Most of the webmaster uses meta tags in their websites. If you are visiting the website then right click and view page source you will see some meta tags with corresponding attributes. Newbies maybe don’t know about this. Hence I have specially written this post to aware webmaster about meta tags.

Meta tags provides information and metadata about webpage and supports HTML and XHTML language. They are written in <head> section. Like other html tags Meta tags also contents attributes and each attributes have different characteristics.

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SEO keywords places.

SEO keywords places

SEO keywords are the most important factor of Search Engine Optimization. Because Search Engine serves relevant results to users by using keywords. Therefore choosing the right keyword for right content would be beneficial. Every webmasters gives more importance in finding keywords for their content. Some of webmasters became successful to rank their content on search engine. But some webmaster even don’t know where to put keyword. This article will help.

There are important SEO keywords places that are recommended for you.

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Making SEO friendly Website domain URL is recommended

SEO friendly Website domain URL

SEO friendly Website domain URLSEO friendly Website domain URL is one of the factors of Search Engine Optimization technique. There are lots of websites have secured great rank on the basis of SEO friendly website domain URL. Although it is not a big factor, but it is recommended to use an SEO friendly Website domain URL. This factor can helps Search Engine to analyze website niche. Hence SEO experts are also recommended to make the SEO friendly Website domain URL.

How to make SEO friendly Website domain URL?

Before thinking about website URL, you must know your website niche. Read the following articles.

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SEO links: The most important SEO factor

What are the SEO links?

SEO linksThe word, image, button or any clickable thing which redirects to another page after click is called as link. The links which are crawl- able by search engines are called as SEO links.

By default, every links which that appears in the webpage are crawl-able by Search Engines. Webmasters can make it uncrawlable in their website under some circumstances. Use rel=”nofollow, noindex” to make SEO links uncrawlable.

Types of SEO links.

  • Inbound links (Internal links).
  • Outbound links.
  • Backlinks (External links).

SEO links structure

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Creating Google Analytics account and setting tracking ID

Creating Google Analytics account
Before starting with Google Analytics you need to create Google account.

Creating Google Analytics account is very easy.

If you haven’t created Google account (gmail) then create it.
If you already have Google account account then you need to go Google Analytics main page and click on Access Google Analytics button. Then click on sign up.
You will be redirect to new account page.

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How Search Engine Works?

Before going more deeply in Search engine Optimization topic you need to understand working of search Engine first. If you understood working of Search Engines then you can learn SEO more deeply.

How Search Engine Works?

Search Engine works on 3 main steps.

  • Crawling
  • Indexing
  • Matching

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Analyze niche using Google Trends

Analyze niche using Google Trends
I have written some website niche finding tips before writing this article. In addition, I am writing this article to give some knowledge about Google Trends. Before starting your website you need to analyze people interest about niche. Google provides great tool named as Google Trends.

So why not to analyze niche using Google trends?

What is Google Trends? What is use of This?
To analyze niche, Google created an important tool which is called as Google Trends.
This tool provides detailed information about keyword or topic typed by you. It shows how popular your keyword globally. You can narrow result by choosing specific country.
Google Trends shows result in 3 modules.

  • Hot searches
  • top charts
  • explore

How to analyze niche using Google trends?

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website niche finding tips

website niche finding tips for Beginner.

Some people want to make website but they could not decide niche. They have thought lots of topic, even they might have decided 9 or 10 or even more topics. But they could not make decision to make a website to particular topic. I was also one of them. I also could not decide the niche of website. I think you are also one of them. So I am writing this article to help those people who are in this situation.

Why finding website niche is so important?
Finding a niche of website gives you clear idea about website content, structure, audience etc.

Here are some website niche finding tips that might help you.

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Importance of SEO elements audit

Conducting SEO elements audits is too much important.

SEO  elements audit is first step in executing an SEO. Following elements needs to be check when performing audit.Audits helps to analyze and shows problems in website. So we can solve problems.


  • Robots.txt:
    This file is use to restrict search engines from indexing specific webpage.Above code will exclude all pages from search engines.
    User-agent: *
    Disallow: /
    Above code will exclude all pages from search engine.

    User-agent: *
    Disallow: /manager.html
    Above code will exclude manager.html page from search engine.
    You can find robots.txt file at (replace with your website name).
  • Meta Robot:
    Robots <meta>tag can be use to restrict search engines from indexing content of specific webpage.


    This  tag is written before </head> tag.
  • XML sitemaps:
    Sitemaps contents list of Url. Sitemap helps search engine to crawl webpages easily. Sitemaps provides hints to crawler to crawl website easily.
    Make sure that you also created a sitemap. Mostly prefer XML sitemaps.
  • Page load time:
    Visitors does not like wait. They need fast result. Search engines robots knows this thing. Hence search engines always prefer faster loading websites. Make sure that your website speed is less than 5 seconds.

2)On Page SEO ranking elements

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