What is the Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)? How to increase it?

Conversion Rate Optimization

From this website (seowebsiteblog.com) we learned about the Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing (SMO), etc. The organization might have a large amount of traffic. But those organizations become successful in their business whose conversion rate is high. There are also some organization who fails in their business even if they manage to have a large number of visits. In short, Conversion Rate makes the difference between successful and unsuccessful business. Hence, the Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO Optimization) process plays an important role to make a successful business.

What is Conversion Rate?

Actually, there are several definitions of conversion rate. But we are dealing with the term digital marketing and website. Hence we can define conversion rate in following way.

Conversions mean getting action from a user that you want. The number of conversions occurs per hundred users is a conversion rate.

What is Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)?

The Effort is taken to increase the conversion rate is known as Conversion Rate Optimization.

Obviously, site owners want to optimize that process, in order to maximize their gross sales and net profit. Much of the CRO process has traditionally been accomplished via marketing techniques and effective sales copy.

However, a conversion rate of 1%, applied to the traffic of 10,000 visitors, is only 100 successes, whereas 20% of one-fifth as many visitors will render four times the number of successful conversions. There are many methods and tips to improve conversion rate that we will discuss it in the last section of this article, How to increase conversion rate?

When all is considered, the profit per conversion can be much higher than four times. Thus, CRO can not be optimally effective, on only its own merits.

Types of the Conversions.

The content written above is just an overview for your quick understanding about what is a conversion, conversion rate, and the conversion rate optimization. Now, lets understand it deeply.

We can simply say, the conversion happens if the desired customer is involved in the profit of an organization. The profit can be anything, clicking on the advertise, liking on the Facebook, buying the product, filling the lead generation form, etc.

The main objective is to get the information from an anonymous customer/visitor who is getting the information about your organization.

Sometimes organizations categorize the conversions like initial conversion, final conversion, After final conversion. And sometimes the initial conversion is also known as lead generation.

Initial Conversion: This is the checkpoint on the road to final conversion. However, the profit will not get in terms of the money. But Every customer who does the final conversion goes from this conversion.

Final Conversion: Organization actually gets the profit from this conversion. i.e. they sell their product to the customer.

After Final conversion: The satisfied customer gives the positive feedback about the product. Some organization gives facility of the after sales service. This is the process of satisfying the customers who unfortunately unsatisfied about the product. The main objective is to minimize the negative feedback.

Finally, we can say, there are different types of conversion happens for different types of organization.

Social conversion.

Category: Initial Conversion.
Profitable for: All organizations.
Detail: The customers does activities on your fan page, posts, groups. The activity can be like, share, comment, mention, etc. Sometimes customers logins via Facebook, Google+ etc. Using these way organization can get information from a social profile of the customer.

Clicking on the other advertise from your website.

Category: Final Conversion.
Profitable for: All organizations/especially bloggers.
Detail: This is especially for bloggers. They depend on ad networks and affiliate network. They earn when the user clicks on the advertiser. Actually, the objective of getting users data does not satisfy here. But still, the blogger gets the profit. Hence it is part of the conversion.

Filling the Lead generation form.

Category: Initial Conversion.
Profitable for: All organizations.
Detail: Every organization should have a lead generation form on the website. So that the user/customer can fill their info in that form. Organizations can use this data to make the final conversion.
Lead Generation for can be signup form, subscribe form, survey form, feedback form or any form that connected to the database.

Buying the product.

Category: Final Conversion.
Profitable for: All organizations/specially E-commerce Organization.
Detail: Organizations are actually looking for this conversion. This is an important conversion. Organization gets more profit in terms of money from this conversion. Organizations do their best to get this type of conversion. They hire marketing executives on large salary by expecting more conversion of this type.

Referred customer.

Category: Initial Conversion.
Profitable for: All organizations.
Detail: The satisfied customer tells other customers (his friend, family, colleagues, etc.) about your product. That customer does conversion activity on your website.

Positive feedback about the product.

Category: After final Conversion.
Profitable for: All organizations.
Detail: The satisfied customer fills the feedback form to give the positive review and rating.

Positive feedback about the customer care.

Category: After final Conversion.
Profitable for: All organizations.
Detail: Customer care service quickly fixes the problem of an unsatisfied customer. The satisfied customer fills the feedback form to give the positive review and rating.

How to increase the conversion Rate?

Every organization has a same primary objective is to obtain a money. They get the money when the customer does the final conversion. Final conversion happens from initial conversions. Hence Increasing the conversion rate is a key to making the business successful. Here are some tips to increase the conversion rate.

Use the lead generation form

Every business should have lead generation forms on their websites and should put at the important section and above the fold. Customers show their interest by filling the lead generation form.

Avoid Blinking Text and buttons

Most of the webmaster/ organizations think blinking text and buttons will attract the customer’s eye which will help to increase the lead (initial conversion). But, actually, customers think blinking text and buttons are the part of advertising which will take them to another website. Hence, it is always recommended to have simple but attractive buttons.

People attracts to new product

If there is something new for the customers don’t forget to notify the customers when they enter the corresponding page. people will check this also.

Add Reviews feature

Positive reviews increase the customer’s trust which increases the possibility of getting the initial conversion. Allow the user to rate and write about the product.

Use popups with lead generation forms but wisely

Popup is one of the best ways to increase conversions. Suddenly getting popup while browsing distract customer mind. Hence use proper timing to show the popup. Let customer read and understand the article. Generally, the user takes 3 to 4 minutes to read and understand the 1000 word article. Hence show the popup right after 4 minutes. There are Entry pop-ups and exit pop-ups also.

Add Contact Page

A customer can make the inquiry on contact page also. The customer can hope for after-sale service because of the contact page. This means that contact page can increase the trust in the mind of the customer. Websites who don’t have a contact page or any contact detail, can’t expect the conversion.

Use social buttons.

Customers can tell others about the product using this buttons. When a customer likes a particular organization he might want to express on the social network. This will express trust that not only helps to increase the web traffic but also increase the trust. Read about SEO trust factors.

Add Attractive button text, button image or link text

Attractive buttons get more clicks than normal buttons. Hence taking effort for designing a creative button always helpful to attract the customer’s eye. Button text also plays an important role to attract the customer. For example, Change the button name to “Let’s go” instead of “sign up”.