Create pages using WordPress

Create pages using WordPress

About pages
pages are important factor of WordPress. you can share your website related thoughts in pages like posts.
posting using WordPress is as simple as posting on posts.
You can add photo, videos and much more by using WordPress pages.

How to create new page?

  • goto Dashboard.
  • then goto pages.
  • click on new pages.
  • you will redirect to new pages page.

How to find existing pages?

  • goto Dashboard.
  • then goto pages.
  • click on all pages.
  • you will redirect to all pages page. In this pages you will see all pages created by you.


Before creating your first pages you need to understand some concepts about posts.

  • Title : write title of pages
  • permalink: you can set a link of pages , I like https://websitename/sample-pages setting
  • Add media: Here you can add media(pictures,videos) in your web memory
  • Description box: Description box provides functionality link Microsoft world