Creating Google Analytics account and setting tracking ID

Creating Google Analytics account
Before starting with Google Analytics you need to create Google account.

Creating Google Analytics account is very easy.

If you haven’t created Google account (gmail) then create it.
If you already have Google account account then you need to go Google Analytics main page and click on Access Google Analytics button. Then click on sign up.
You will be redirect to new account page.

The page will be look like this.
GA new account page


Lets fill this form

fill Google analytics form
After filling form click on Get Traffic ID.
You need to access Google Analytics terms of service.
After accepting their terms you will get tracking ID.
This code can be look like UA- XXXXXXXX-1 Where XXXXXXXX is a unique number.

How to implement Tracing ID?

You have got tracking ID. You must put this tracking ID in your website.
There  are various methods to put tracking ID in website. These methods are based on which content management system you are using.

For WordPress, there are some plugins where you can put your tracking ID.
For Blogspot you can get option under settings to put Google Analytics tracking code.

Also you can put there code as they directed.
If everything done right then tracking should working immediately.

How to check whether Google Analytics is working or not after putting tracking ID in website?

Google analytics to see allows real time tracking. You can use this feature to crosscheck working.

Go to reporting
Then click on Real time–> overview.
Open your website in new tab of browser.

You will see blue stick is moving right to left per second.
If you seen such thing then you can consider Google Analytics can track your website successfully.



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