Creating menu – WordPress tutorial

Creating menu

Most of the themes doesn’t support custom menus functionality. I recommend not to use these theme. Install theme which supports custom themes, so that you can make modification of themes in menus option. You can also use theme which contains multiple menus. Menus can contain links to Pages, Posts, Categories, Custom Links or other content types.

How to create menu in WordPress?

  • go to Dashboard –> appearance –>menus.
  • click on create new menu
  • Give any name to menu.
  • Click on create menu option.

creating menu

New menu has been created.

After creating menu next step is to add menu items to menu that you have created.

How to add menu item to menu?

Suppose you want to add some categories and pages.

  • Locate the categories pane.
  • Within this pane click on view all. You will get list all categories that you have created.
  • Select categories that you want and click on add to menu.
  • You can do same to add pages.

Adding menu item


By default you will panes of pages. categories. Link option will also there. But if you want post, tags, formats as a menu item you can also get these panes. You can get these panes by clicking on screen option situated at upward right near help menu. 

Screen options

Customizing menu items.

Why you need to customize menu item?
Sometimes you create page which has long title and you add that page in menu. By default long title of the page will be shown. But if you don’t want this long title you can customize that menu item and change navigation Label .

There are various use of  customizing menu items.

How to customize menu items?

  • click on the arrow in top right corner of menu item.
  • Fill values that you want
  • Click on save menu.

customizing menu item

You will see some of these attributes while customizing. Some attributes are hidden. You can get these From screen option.

  • Navigation Label – This is the label that will display within the actual menu on your website.
  • Title Attribute – This is the tool tip that appears when the mouse cursor hovers over the menu item.
  • URL – Used within Custom Links and will contain the URL to navigate to when that menu item is clicked.
  • Link Target – (Hidden by default) You can set the menu item to open in the Same window or tab (which is the default) or in a New window or tab.
  • CSS Classes – (Hidden by default) Optional CSS Classes to add to this menu item.
  • Link Relationship (XFN) – (Hidden by default) Allows for the generation of XFN attributes so you can show how you are related to the authors/owners of site to which you are linking

How to display Menu in website?

This is frequently ask question by webmaster who using WordPress first time. They just create menu put menu items in created menu and then save. After that they run their website but they didn’t see the menu that they have created. The main reason behind this is, they did not put theme location for the menu.

You can find theme location option in two ways. In current WordPress version you will see two tabs in Appearance –> menu page. These two tabs are edit menu and manage location. You will find theme location option in both tabs.

In edit menu tab you will get theme location option under menu settings option. You will get all possible location for menu given by theme. select theme location that you want and save menu.

displaying menu from edit menu

You can also get theme location in manage location.

Go to manage location, you will see list of theme location along with assign menu. Use drop down box to assign menu and save changes.

displaying menu from manage location


Working with multiple menu items. 

Almost every websites have multiple menu items in menus. Webmaster may wants to change its position. WordPress makes it so simple with dragging facility. You can drag any menu item upward or downward as you want.

The following image shows how I drag menu item named as ‘seo’ dragged above menu item ‘WordPress’.

how to give position to menu items

According to above image menu bar will look like following image.

menu preview1

Sometimes If you want to create sub-menu then this is also possible.

For example, suppose if you want Menu item named as ‘SEO’ as a sub-menu of menu item ‘WordPress’ simply drag menu item ‘SEO’ below menu item ‘WordPress’ but slightly right hand side. See image below.

How to create submenu in wordpress

The menu will be look like this.

submenu preview

So, Creating menu and sub-menus in  WordPress is very easy and no need to learn any programming language.

Want to see information about menus in official website of wordpress then click here



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