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Digital Marketing | Internet Marketing | Online Marketing | Web MarketingBefore 20 years, people did not actually know about Digital Marketing. At that time, marketers only believe on word of mouth. They use newspapers, running vehicles, railways, stations to show their brand to the people. They also distribute brochures and catalogs to the people by standing on the road. When people reached to buy their products, satisfied customers tell their friends and relatives about the product. And then more people visit their shop.

This kind of marketing is required a lot of money and time to grow the business. However, the target area of the audience is also very small.

But now, marketing becomes a very easy. Marketers are now using a Digital Marketing techniques to show their business product all over the word. They just need to tell the people, Why our product is better than our competitors? And then see the magic. When people feel the product is better than others, then will become a crazy that business.

Types of Marketing

Outbound Marketing: This is the traditional method of marketing.  It consists of Printed ads, Telemarketing. Direct Call, SMS, etc.

Inbound Marketing: This is the new and more effective technique. It Consists of SEO, Social Media, PPC, Online Advertising, Video Marketing, Email Marketing etc.

What is Digital Marketing?

In short, Digital Marketing means Promoting the content/product using Digital Media such as marketing on television and the Internet Marketing. Television marketing is a very expensive as compared to Internet Marketing. We will focus more on the Internet marketing which is also called as Online marketing or the web marketing.

Why Digital Marketing (Internet Marketing, Web Marketing)?

In 2000, There were 361 million people were Online worldwide. In 2014, the number goes to 3 billion. And now almost half of the world is using the internet. People are using search engines, social media, and video websites to get the required content.

This means that marketers can reach to more people just using their internet connected device from any place. The target area is increased and the number of resources is decreased.

People are using search engines, social media, video websites and e-commerce websites to get the required content. That means that marketers need to promote their content on these media. The promotion cost is very low as compared to print media and old marketing technique.

Digital Marketing is very easy to implement. You just need to use strategic mind. No technical knowledge is required. Building website is also becoming pretty easier. WordPress, Blogger can be used to create a website without technical knowledge.

When a personal visit to your Product using internet means he exactly looking for the product that you provides. Means opportunity to get more conversions because Digital Marketing is more target oriented.

In short, there are various benefits by opting Digital Marketing techniques.

  • The target area is increased.
  • The number of resources is decreased.
  • Digital marketing cost is very low.
  • No need of technical knowledge.
  • It is more Target oriented which helps to get more conversion.

Objectives of Digital Marketing.

The main objective of Digital Marketing is to convert the visitor into a customer with minimum effort. i.e Conversion Rate Optimization.

  • Reach the Proper target audience.
  • Encourage and Motivate the audience to take an action.
  • Engage the customer by giving proper service.
  • Maximum Return On Investment (ROI).

How to do the Digital Marketing?

The Following Strategies can be used in Digital Marketing.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) : SEO is a technique used to get the search result on the top of the SERP (Search Engine Ranking Pages). SEO is a free technique but time consuming.

SEM (Search Engine Marketing) : In this method, you have to pay the search engines advertising  (monetizing) program to get the result on the top of the SERP.

Banner Ads & PPC (Pay Per Click) :

SMM (Social Media Marketing)

CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization)

SMS (Direct Messages & Bulk Messages)

Email Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

Content Marketing (News & Blogs)



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SEO : Search Engine Optimization

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