How to get Facebook page like box in your website?

You have seen Facebook Page like box in this website.

If you want it for your website too. Here is tutorial to get Facebook page like box in your website.

There are various methods available to get Facebook page like box in your website.
For WordPress, plugins are available.
Plugins enables to put Facebook page like box only using widgets.
But there is another simple method that I have used to get Facebook page like box in my website.
This method is applicable websites using any Content management system.
Also you can put this Facebook page like box anywhere in your website.

Method to get Facebook page like box in your website.

You have to go Facebook devolopers.
I have given direct link for your convenience.
But you can go Facebook Developers using following steps.

If you have logged in Facebook then you will get this link after advertising and before Facebook © 2014 under drop-down box named as more.

devoloper link (logged in)

If you are not logged in then you will find this link in footer.

devoloper link (logged out)


If you click on developers link then you will be redirected to Facebook developers page.

Facebook developers page will looks like this.

facebook devolopers

There are two methods to find facebook page like box in Facebook devolopers.

Method 1:

  1. Goto Facebook devolopers.
  2. Click on docs which is on blue menu bar.
  3. Then click on sharing under product docs.
  4. click on social plugins.
  5. click on like box.

Method 2:

  1. Goto Facebook devolopers.
  2. Type “facebook page  like box” in search box and press enter.
  3. visit first link.

Finally you have reached Facebook page like box page.

This page will look like this.

facebook page like box


This page shows preview of page like box. You can set as you want. The preview will be shown accordingly.

  • you can set your facebook fan page URL.
  • You can set height and width.
  • You can set color scheme.
  • You can show/ hide friend faces, posts, header and border.

After doing settings click on get code.

You have to log in your facebook account to get code.

Copy and paste code in your website.

You will get Facebook page like box in your website



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  1. I did all the procedure mentioned above but i am no able to see this facebook counter on my website . Can you let me know what should be the problem?

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