Google analytics Acquisition

Acquisition is most important feature for webmasters. This section shows the source from where traffic comes in your website. This section helps to analyze behavior of traffic. There are some features that are parts this section.

  • Channels.
  • All Traffic.
  • All Referrals.
  • Campaigns.
  • Keywords.
  • Cost Analysis.
  • AdWords.
  • Social.
  • Search Engine Optimization.


There are 4 channels.

  • Direct = When user directly type your website page URL in URL bar of browser then traffic counted as Direct traffic.
  • Organic search = Traffic obtained from search engine.
  • Social = Traffic obtained from social networking sites .
  • Referral = Traffic obtained from other websites (This channel can helps to analyze backlinks).

Channels not provides more detailed information. It just provides total number of traffic received by particular traffic.

All Traffic:

This feature is slightly same as Channels feature, but better than channels. Result shown on the base of source/medium. For example Google/organic, Facebook/social etc.

All Referrals:

This section shows list of websites from which referral traffic obtained. Social traffic can be calculated as referral traffic.


See this article to know about Google analytics Campaign.


This section is based on organic search. Report shows list of keywords from which you gain traffic. This traffic is distinguished in paid traffic and organic traffic.

Cost Analysis

See this article about cost analysis reports


You have to link your adwords account to Google analytics account. See this article.


This feature provides detailed information about social traffic. Reports have lists of social websites from which traffic received. This features also shows users flow that helps webmaster to understand flow of traffic in website.
See this article for detailed information.

Search Engine Optimization:

This section is based on Google webmaster tools. You have link your Google webmaster tools account to Google analytics account.
See this article to understand better.