See your website Audience using Google analytics audience analysis

We know that Google analytics have real time feature which shows live traffic reports. Also real time shows location of visitors. Then why anyone would use Audience feature in Google analytics?

The main reason behind this is range Real time reports are limited to 30 minutes. Which is very low. Also the Real time reports provides less detailed reports compared to features in audience menu.

Google analytics audience analysis reports are not limited. The range is unlimited. Audience reports can be analyze in range of unlimited years. Audience analysis provides detailed reports.

Features in Google analytics audience menu.

  • Demographics.
  • Interest.
  • Geo.
  • Behavior.
  • Technology.
  • Mobile.
  • Custom.
  • Benchmarking.
  • Users Flow.


If any webmaster created website to sell ladies cloths. How will he know whether women visits his website? Demographics section provides reports about Age and Gender of visitors. This section will help webmaster to know about their target age and gender.


This is similar to Demographics. Shows reports based on affinity category and In Market segment. Segments can be add in both Demographics ans interest features.


These section shows reports based on Location and language of traffic. These are very important report. Webmasters can analyze their target visitors based on country and language.


More returning visitors, frequent traffic is symbols of website contain quality and interesting and frequently fresh articles.
Visitors visits a website for large duration means website have lengthy and interesting content.
These reports can be available in Behavior Section.


This report list the name of browser from which your website being accessed. Also provides list of internet service provider of visitors.


This section compares Mobile vs Desktop vs tab traffic. Also provides list of mobile names from which website being accessed.

Users Flow.

How visitors visiting your website? How they directed to other page of website? These kind of reports shown here. The report is shown in diagram.





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