Google analytics real time feature shows live report

What will you feel if you get reports immediately after event?

Google analytics real time feature is fastest reporting feature in Google analytics. When any user access your website Google analytics shows report immediately in seconds. Data updates continuously and each pageview reported in seconds. Because of this feature Google analytics became very popular among webmaster.

Which data shows in Real Time?

  • Number of people currently visiting your website.
  • Geographical location.
  • URL of pages which are currently viewing.
  • Keyword, Referral traffic, social traffic.
  • Graph shows pageviews per seconds and per minutes.

Real time feature can be access by following steps.

  1. Click on reporting tab.
  2. Click on real time menu.
  3. Select overview.

Real time feature is filtered by metrics and put under Real time menu. These sub menus are

  • Locations.
  • Traffic sources.
  • content.
  • Event .
  • Conversions.


This menu shows country of visitors who are currently visiting your website. This menu shows list of countries and number of visitors from that countries. The report shown in tabular form and in world map.

Traffic sources:

This menu shows source of traffic currently coming from. The report shown in tabular form having three columns. these columns are Medium, source and active users.

Medium: There are four mediums

  1. Direct= Traffic coming in your website by putting URL of your website in URL bar of browser.
  2. Organic=Traffic Coming from search engine.
  3. Social= Traffic Coming from Social Networking sites.
  4. Referral= Traffic coming from other websites.


The report shows the list of active pages. The report shown in tabular form having three columns. these columns are Active Page, Page title and active users.

  • Active page: The URL page is currently being accessing.
  • Page title: This is title of page.
  • Active users: Rate of Active Users corresponding to active pages.


Reports shows list of events which are currently happening. The report contain rate of active users corresponding to Event category.


Goals and conversions are shown in real time reports.



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