Guest blogging Policy

Guest blogging Policy, rules, Opportunities and punishments

seowebsiteblog guest blogging policy

Anyone can write an article for seowebsiteblog by just simple registration . After writing an article, he should submit it for review. I (seowebsiteblog admin) will review by considering our guest blogging rules.

Admin not only have rights to edit and make improvement in article submitted by guest blogger but also to punish the guest blogger who break our guest blogging rules.

seowebsiteblog guest blogging Rules.

  • No Duplicate.
  • No Article Spinning.
  • Only article related to seowebsiteblog niche.


Our Guest blogger have opportunity provide maximum two links point to his website to build a backlink. Also we promote good articles on social networks which may drive more visitors to guest bloggers website.

Author Name (signature) will be published on end of the article also after the title.


If an article is not related to seowebsiteblog topic.

Article will be removed permanently. Author will become a subscriber. He will not able to write for us again. write and edit feature will permanently disabled.

If an article is duplicated or spun.

Article will flag as nofollow, noindex on google eye. Links will be removed. Admin will edit it in his own way. In some cases, admin may request the suggestion from other author to edit those article. Lucky suggester can get opportunity become author of such post. After editing an duplicated or spun article, we may remove the nofollow, noindex attribute.

Duplicated or spun articles will be remain either in draft or completely removed from website. It will not publish on website unless edited by admin or other author. Although Admin of Seowebsiteblog may reuse duplicated or spun articles on Social Networks for the sake of getting Likes.

Hence Think 100 times before posting Duplicate or spun Articles on