How to Create post and pages using blogger platform?

Creating post using blogger platform is very easy. Blogger also provides visual as well as coding interface like WordPress. Hence creating post using blogger doesn’t required coding knowledge. Here visual interface can be obtained by clicking on the compose tab. Coding Interface can be obtained by clicking on HTML tab.

By reading this article, you can create your own post and pages using blogger.

Create new post.

Create post using blogger platform

To create new post, click on new post button from dashboard. After clicking on new post you will see the great interface where you will going to write.

Bloggers Post writing interface will look like following imageblogger new post interface

Post Title: Post title will tell people one line summary about your article. People will decide about your article whether to read or not by reading post title. Hence write small but attractive sentence here.

Writing Interface:

We have already written at start of this article that there are compose as well as HTML interface.

Compose Interface :  This interface is for those people who doesn’t know coding. But almost all blogger uses this interface to create an article. Compose interface is contains various tools that you have seen in Microsoft Office world. In short, Compose interface is somewhat similar to Microsoft Office world.

HTML interface: Anything written in Compose interface will automatically converted in HTML format. You can see and edit HTML code in this interface. To understand HTML format you must have Basic HTML knowledge.

Writing tools in writing interface.

Undo/redo = If you have done some mistake, you can undo. If you realize your undone mistake was not a mistake, then you can redo.

Font = You can change font type like areal, times new roman, etc.

Font size = You can change font size as smallest, small, large, etc.

Text Format = You can set text format as heading, subheading, normal etc.

Font style = You can add style of font as bold, italic, underline.

Strikethrough = You can strike text.

Inserting options = You can insert photos, videos, Jump break. You can also insert link to text.

Alignment = You can change alignment of selected text.

List options = You can use either numbered list or bullet list.

Also there are some additional tools such as Quote, Remove formatting, check spelling, Translation options, move to right and move to left.

Post Settings:

Post settings in blogger

Labels: You can set category of your post here. You can use labels in the menu bar.

Schedule: You can either post immediately or you can post on the scheduled time. You can set time and date by using calender.

Permalink: Here you can set custom link of post. While writing permalink you must provide dash(-) between each word.

Location:  You can set location by using map.


Reader comment : You can allow or disallow comments. You can also disallow comment but show existing comments.

Compose mode: You can show HTML literally or Interpret typed HTML

Line breaks: There are two options 1) Use <br> tag. 2)Press “Enter” for line breaks.

Following Images will show you, How I have written post in using blogger.

Post demo in blogger

Post Preview

Locate and Edit post.

Click on posts from dashboard. You will see list of posts created by you. Unpublished posts will be enlist in drafts and published posts will be enlist in published. Click on posts that you want to edit.

Create or Edit Page.

Click on Pages from dashboard. You will see list of pages created by you. You can click on any enlisted page to edit.

To create new page, Click on new page option. You will see the same interface like you seen while writing post. There is only difference is, in settings. You will get only options tab under page settings.