How to Create Social Bookmarking site using Pligg?

Bookmarking the webpages in Social Bookmarking site is one of the link building strategy that most of the webmaster use. Submitting link to high Page Ranked Social Bookmarking site helps to improve the Page Rank of the website and improves the reputation and trust of the site.

But after regularly submitting the links to other SBM sites, some webmaster (like me and you) want to create their own Social Bookmarking site. Hence I am writing this article to show you how did I created my own Social Bookmarking Site.

Pligg : The Social Bookmarking Web Project.

About Pligg CMS (Content Management System)

Pligg is an Open source Built in Social bookmarking Project created using PHP and MySQL. User can submit useful links and article. Also User can create online community where other users can submit articles.


  • User friendly Interface
  • Easy Admin Panel

Steps to Create A Social Bookmarking Site using Pligg CMS.

Step 1: Purchase Domain Name and Web Hosting

Because you haven’t created any Social Bookmarking site using Pligg, I recommend to use free hosting and free Domain and follow further steps written below. If you succeed then go for paid Domain and Hosting. I am using and my free domain is

Step 2: Download Pligg CMS and Extract

Pligg CMS Free Download.

Step 3: Download FileZilla client and Install

FileZilla free Download

Step 4: Upload Files to Server

Check your email and see login and password. Use this login and password to open your server in filezilla.
Upload file to Public folder using filezilla.

Step 5: Install the Pligg CMS

You must check Prior Installation Guide of the Pligg Before Installing.

Step 6: Configure your site and Test

After installing, you need to configure using installation process.  Now open your domain and you will see the your own social bookmarking website. Test it completely by registering fake accounts. If all goes right, then congrats! you have your Own Social Bookmarking Site.