Job Vs Internet Entrepreneur

Job Vs Internet Entrepreneur/webmaster

Job employee Internet Entrepreneur
Fixed working time(8-10 hours job). He can work anytime.
Fixed salary(can be increased after promotion) The amount is not known as salary.
Its Reward/commission based on work.
If he applied proper technique they he can become most successful,
wealthy and popular person.
Needs to impress boss.
He is working under his senior and he should obey
order of senior.
He is the boss of himself.
His working place is based on company.  He can worked anywhere, just need internet
connection and computer.
 Progress is not slow. But not fast also. we can say
progress is moderate.
 Very slow at start. But after some month he can make
tremendous progress .
 Only one earning source which is the company where
he works.
 Multiple earning source. (multiple ad networks, affiliate network).
Also he can create multiple website.
 Holidays: Festivals, Sunday, Saturday (for some companies).  Holidays: As per his choice.
 He has less time to join his family.  He has whole day for family.
 He can get traveling charge and other facilities.  No any facility needed. Just need computer and internet
 I have’t seen any employee has taken his own home, Branded car
before age 28.
(exception: child of wealthy father).
 Examples: Mark Zukerberg, Larry Page.see this link
18 years old.
Should have skills corresponding to job.
Good communication skills.
Education corresponding to job requirement.
18 years old.
Should know basic computer knowledge.
Your English should be understandable to everyone.
Should have computer and internet.
One can start his website/blog before 18 years by using parents name.
 Selection technique:
 No selection technique.
 Frustrated life.  Relax life.
 Employee progress  progress of internet entrepreneur



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