Layout Feature in Blogger

LayoutLayout feature in blogger provides User Interface that helps to add, edit or delete widgets. Layout is depends on theme.

Themes provides different kinds of layouts. Most commonly used layouts are:

  • Content-Sidebar.
  • sidebar-content.
  • sidebar-content-sidebar.
  • content-sidebar-sidebar.

Layouts widths can be re-sized.

Layout can be change at template–>customize–>layout. and re-sized at template–>customize–>adjust width.

change layout in blogger

adjust width in blogger

Note: Not all themes provides facility to change layout and width. Mostly predefined themes by blogger provides such kinds of facility.


All sections in your websites are nothing but widget (or gadget) . Blogger provides some predefined widgets enlisted below.

  • Favicon.
  • Navbar,
  • Header.
  • Blog post.
  • About me.
  • Blog archive.
  • Attribution.

Apart from predefined themes, you can add any Gadget from gadget gallery by clicking on Add a gadget.

Add a gadget

You can move gadgets to appropriate position, except some Gadgets such as Favicon, header that are fixed in position. Every Gadget have different functions and you can add them at sidebars, footer, below header as you want. Your widgets will be run on your website as per your arrangement.

You can edit any widget by clicking on edit option.

After customizing and arranging gadgets you can preview and save to apply on your website.

Layout feature in blogger

Layout guide by Google.