Appearance menu-WordPress tutorial

Appearance menu

Appearance menu is most important menu in wordpress dashboard. How website or blog should appear? What content should be appear in website? Is totally depends upon Appearance tab You can apply themes, you can create menus by using Appearance menu.

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WordPress plugins in WordPress

WordPress Plugins

 what are WordPress plugins in WordPress dashboard?

Plugin is collection of one or multiple files which specially designed to work on WordPress. WordPress plugins are stored in wp-content/plugins directory. Every files under this plugin will be scanned by WordPress to determine if the file is a properly formatted WordPress plugin.

If the file is determined to be a plugin, it appears under the Dashboard–>Plugins –> Installed Plugins and ready to be activated.

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WordPress comments

WordPress comments

How to see comments in WordPress?
WordPress comments is a feature in WordPress which allows user to have a discussion with you and each other. You can see comments at Dashboard –> comments

Structure of WordPress comments.
Basic comment form includes

  • Name
  • Email
  • Website
  • Comment

Following image shows basic WordPress comments structure.

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How to upload files using media in WordPress?

upload files using media

Media is one of the option you will see in WordPress dashboard. Use and purpose of this option is to upload media files such as images, videos, pdf etc.

how to upload files using media?

  • Goto Dashboard.
  • Click on Media.
  • Click on add new.
  • Drag drop files from your computer.
  • Now you can upload it in any post or page.

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Create pages using WordPress

Create pages using WordPress

About pages
pages are important factor of WordPress. you can share your website related thoughts in pages like posts.
posting using WordPress is as simple as posting on posts.
You can add photo, videos and much more by using WordPress pages.

How to create new page?

  • goto Dashboard.
  • then goto pages.
  • click on new pages.
  • you will redirect to new pages page.

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Create posts using wordpress

About posts

Posts are important factor of wordpress. you can share your website related thoughts in posts.posting using wordpress is as simple as posting on facebook. You can add photo, videos and much more by using wordpress posts.

posts contains four parts:

  • All posts
  • new posts
  • categories
  • tags

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WordPress Dashboard

What is WordPress Dashboard?

Wordpress dashboardWordPress dashboard is main part of WordPress content management system where all functionality for making website are available. WordPress Dashboard shows all components  which is essential for website. These components are kept left side of dashboard. We enlisted all the basic components of WordPress. Dashboard is first screen appears after Log in WordPress.

How to access dashboard?

  • Write in URL bar. example:
  • Login with your username and password which you had given while installing the WordPress.
  • Your dashboard will open.

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What is about WordPress?

about wordpress

Before Understanding about WordPress, you must understand about Content management system.

Content management system (CMS) = 

Content management system is server side platform that allows you to build your website and upload content using Graphic User Interference (GUI) elements such as text editors.

About WordPress.

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