SEO Trust Factor : The Most important Off Page Optimization Factor

SEO Trust factorCustomer trust is a backbone behind the most successful business. If your products satisfies (or over-satisfies) the customers requirement, then he will come again to buy your other products also. Also he will tell others about your product. This is overall concept about the trust. Trust may create multiple conversions from single customer. Hence for every business and organisations, customer is King.

Trust Factor in SEO:

Like above scenario, Trust Factor plays an important role for Search Engines to check relevancy and quality of webpage. Hence Trust factor is a main off page optimisation factor. You might heard, there are 200+ factors of SEO. I would like to say that, almost all Off page SEO factors are come under Trust Factor.

How Search Engine Detects the trust factor?

Search Engine Analyses whether the webpage is trust-able or not by considering several factors.


More links pointing to your website are known as your backlinks. Matt Cutts already says in his video “How search Engine Works?” that “the more links pointing to your website is a sign of trust.” Hence many people uses Black Hat Link building schemes. Google have a Google penguin algorithm to penalise such webpages. We have given SWB score (seowebsiteblog score) for different link building strategies.

Internal Linkings:

Internal linkings are also work as backlinks. Multiple pages pointing to pointing to one article increases its importance. and improves the weightage of that article. Hence search engines finds this article trustworthy.

Click Through Rates (CTR)

If the link pointing to the webpage has more Click than competitor then it consider as more trusted webpage and further it may listed at top position of the search engine for specific keywords. Hence keep in mind that while link building, make sure that it gets a clicks.


Behaviour part 1: (Returning vs new)

User Behaviour is also considered by search Engines to analyse the trust factor.

The website has more returning visitors, it means that organisation is more trusted. Once Visitor enters and analyse the website, the website satisfies his need and visitor likes to come this website again.

The website has less returning visitors, and more new visitors. it means that organisation participates more in marketing. Since content doesn’t satisfies need of the user, user don’t like to visit the the website again.

Search Engine gives more importance for the organisation having more returning visitorsBecause it is a sign of trust.

Behaviour part 2: Page views / visitors and bounce rate

If the visitors leaves the site without visiting multiple pages then bounce rate increases. this will put the negative impact about a website.

Trust can determined by calculating the ratio of pageviews / visitors. Trusted website has large number of  pageviews /visitors.

Behaviour part 3: Average time 

Website consider as more interesting if user spends more time on it. Average time doesn’t calculated for bounced visitors. It means that user should visit atlest 2 pages to calculate average time.

Website Age

Website age is one of the aspect of trust. Websites which has more then one year age gets the age benefits. However it is not a significant factor. But it is beneficial. Sometimes websites having less age can found on the top of search engine. Search Engine just wants to check whether website is long lasting or now.

Domain Registration or Renewal Length

Actually, spammers, cheaters knows that their website will not last for more than one year. Hence, they don’t waste their money for registration of domain for multiple years. By considering this, Search Engine algorithm creators put this factor in the Search Engine algorithm. Also, it is not a significant factor. But Beneficial sometimes.

Social Reputation and Shares

The Social signals considered as one of the most significant factors of SEO. Hence webmaster should always remain socially connected. There is a huge number of people uses social network. hence, Social media marketers can gets his target audience easily. Thus, Even if the niche of the website has lower searches, marketers can increase the traffic through social media.

If People finds anything useful or interesting, they might like to show to others. Therefore he shares that article / Webpage. This is the sign of trust. The more shares leads to more trust. The search engine always looking for that. This will leads to get the page at higher ranking on Search Engine Ranking Pages for better keywords that has higher visits.


In short, Every business improves by growing trust in customers mind. If customer finds any good and trustworthy thing in market then that product product name will automatically comes in customer mouth. Hence trust factor is helps marketer to market the product with minimal effort. Search Engines uses this theory and chooses the ranking of search results. More trustworthy result will come first.