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social media marketing

We know that Google is the leading Search Engine in the world. But we should also know that Billions of people all over the world are engaging themselves on the Social Media. Hence we should also consider the social Media Marketing in Marketing strategies

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing (SMM) is a Part of a digital marketing that uses social networking websites to gain an attention. The main common thing in every social media websites is follow, like or subscribe button. The more followers leads to get more business.

It is the process of gaining website traffic, attention and brand awareness through the Social Media sites. One of its key components is Social Media Optimization (SMO). It is the strategy to drive unique and new visitors to a website.

We Know that Search Engine Optimization is a Game Of Strategy. Like that Social Media Marketing is a Game of Creativity.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing For Digital Marketing.

  • Rapid Growth: Social Media has a lot of of power where we can use different social media platforms to increase the followers, Engagement, Brand Awareness or even conversions.
  • Easy to find Target Audience: There are lots of groups, communities, Hashtags, tags etc. where we can find target audience Make our brand awareness.
  • Creativity makes you viral: Social Media Marketing helps to show your creativity. And if you are not that much creative then it will helps you to become a creative. Creative content have a better chance to become a viral.
  • Competitor Analysis: You can get a rough Idea about your competitor that how did he get famous. Also you can analyse about there content, their creativity, How they keeps their fans engaged.
  • Reach again and again: Once a person become a fan on social media you can reach to him again and again by making creative content. also you can keep your customer updated and engaged.
  • Get Website traffic: If you work smartly your website can get more views.
  • Monitor: You can monitor general opinion about your product.

Social Media Marketing Platforms and their Purpose of use.

There are several social Media Marketing website that we can use for specific purpose.

  • Facebook, Twitter, Google+: These platforms are used for general social activities such as adding content, getting likes, followers. creating pages, groups/communities, Making brand awareness etc.
  • YouTube, Dailymotion, vimeo: It is used for video uploading.
  • Instagram, Pinterest: They are used for Photo Uploading

Step by step Social Media Marketing

  • Planning: Before Staring Social Media Marketing, you need to create a solid plan about suitable niche, potential, target audience.
  • Competitor analysis: Check competitor profile. Look out their content. List out all the possible factors about their successful Marketing strategies.
  • Content strategy: After competitor analysis, you will get fair idea about how the content should look like. Now Put your efforts and creativity to make your content.
  • Implementation: Upload the content towards the target audience.
  • Engage: People will make some social activity such as like, comment, share etc. Respond their comments to make them engage.
  • Your analysis: Analyze the social activities on your content and make a content strategy for the next content.
  • Repeat/consistency: Repeat the above steps again and again and be consistent.

Types Of Social Media Marketing:

  • Organic Social Media Marketing.
  • Paid Social Media Marketing.

Organic Social Media Marketing.

Using this marketing method we can reach to the target audience without using paid promotions. You need to invest lot of time in order to get expected result and result is based on the creativity. Content should be made in such a way that, it encourage the reader to share. More share leads to get more reach and engagement.

Paid Social Media Marketing.

Using this marketing method we can reach to the target audience by using paid promotions. You need to select target audience based on interest, age, gender, location. The number of expected reach is based on the amount that you willing to pay. This is fast method to increase your brand awareness. If you know the objective and proper budget plan then it is handful tool.