Web Hosting and the different types of web hosting services.

Web hostingNowadays in this digital age, websites have be come essential-have in case you would like to jump-start your marketing campaign, build your company’s reputation or brand your product or service. Nowadays, even personal social success is incomplete without a website, with which you can reach like-minded followers and friends.

All websites and blogs begin with webhosting. At its simplest, internet hosting is really a service made available from a web hosting company like Godaddy, HostgatorInteractive Online. They store and keep your website (HTML, images, and other connected website files) on special computers generally known as servers. The servers allow Internet surfers to reach your web site by your domain address.

Therefore, if you visit a website, your computer’s web browser is in fact connecting to and receiving files from another computer, and rendering these files into the web pages you view.

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