These SEO factors Need to taken into the consideration for successful SEO

Important SEO FactorsWhat Aspects of My Site Does Google Take Into Account When Determining My Ranking? This is a question I get asked all the time, and when you’re focusing on the search engine optimization for your site, knowing the factors that Google takes into consideration when assessing your site can be very useful. So let’s have a look at the various factors involved:

Link Popularity:

The more people who link to your site gives the impression that your site is popular. It has something to it that other people want to share with their own site visitors. The more links you have to your site the better but the best links are relevant links. Offering to swap links with similar or complementary websites can be useful. For example, if you have a website selling garden furniture, then swapping links with a website that sells plants and garden ornaments is a great idea.

The links will aid your search engine optimization, and you may find that visitors spending money on one site, will make a purchase on the other also. Updates The regularity of your site updates plays a big role in your Google ranking. Consistent change works best. Buying in or picking up for free huge amounts of content and dropping it into your site all at once will go against you.

Regular Adding / Updating the Content

Adding a new article or post to your site every day or so will give a much better impression of a naturally growing website. Adding new content also keeps visitors coming back, and your information will be taken all the more seriously as your visitors will know it is not out of date.

Keywords Density And Places

Keyword and phrases Wherever you get the chance to naturally add your keywords and phrases, add it. but don’t overstuff. If it doesn’t fit naturally then don’t add it. Don’t forget hyperlink text, alt tags, and title tags. All great places to add your chosen key phrases and often overlooked. When you’re using key words and phrases in your content do double check the spelling.

Avoiding Grammer and Spelling Mistakes

Google’s page ranking process includes a spell checker, and words that are not spelled correctly will be overlooked. If these happen to be your key words then your page ranking will be affected. Of course, correct spelling and grammar are important anyway if you want to come across as a professional website. Proof read all your content before you publish it and if possible get someone else to read it through too.

Domain age

Domain Longevity You’ll fare better with Google if you have a long running site. Real sites stand the test of time. Sites set up overnight for spamming purposes disappear just as quickly. A site that has been around for a while is more likely to be useful and legitimate.

User Behaviour

Site Traffic Google will monitor the traffic to your site and various aspects of the visitors stay on your website will be assessed. They will take into consideration how long a person spends on your site, so pure numbers of visitors aren’t the only factor. You will rank higher if you have ten visitors who spend half an hour browsing several pages on your site, than if you have a hundred visitors who look at the first page then leave your site again after just a few seconds.