Top 10 web designing Websites that should follow by web designers

Web designingEver wondered why some websites are capable of grabbing people’s attention easily in just one look? website Design play an important role in making anything look beautiful. You might observed that, sometimes you seen something that it’s very hard for you to take your eyes off, isn’t it?

As a web designer, you should know the significance of design. To be ahead of others you should do something different something unique and consider ways for enhancing your site’s design. To have a unique site, enterprises and organizations are investing in web development services just to stand up in the competitive market. Web designing is one of the aspects of web development which cannot be overlooked. Therefore, website designers are keeping their fingers on the pulse of the new techniques to have better designs. They are always looking for it on the internet. There are lots of online forums and blogs out there. But choosing which one is worth following is a strenuous task.

To come to the rescue, there are certain blogs for web designing that are worth reading. Therefore, through this article I’ve covered some of the website design blogging that you should follow. These websites will help you to sharpen your skills or add new ones in your arsenal.


This website will teach you about web designing basics and advance. Currently giving tutorial about CSS tutorial tutorial. Also planning to give tutorial about javascript, Jquery in future. This website also have guest blogging feature. Hence  People not only gets tutorial from admin, but also from web designers all around world. The article written by other web designers are placed in Web Designing (Guest Posts) category.

2. Smashing Magazine:

It is a platform that provides quality and content-rich articles on architecture, usability, design and other user experience related topics for enhancing the site. It’s a blogging platform that offers resources, useful guidelines and useful tips and advice to web designers.
Popular categories are user experience, usability, e-commerce, research, interaction design.

3. Designrfix

If you want to be more productive with each passing day, then this should be in your bookmark list. You’ll learn a lot about frameworks, web designing, graphic designing and methodologies as there are many useful articles covering all that.

4. Creative Bloq

As the name suggest, it provides web designers with both inspirational and creative web designing tips. It delivers the very best articles, expert tips, fresh thoughts, tutorials on graphic design, web designing, and much more. It will assist you in having a better understanding of the latest trends and techniques. So that you could use them on your site.

5. Webdesigner Depot

Webdesigner Depot is designed for web designers who want to keep pace with the latest techniques and publishes articles and blogs for enhancing user experience. It is good for having creative and new ideas and also cover vector icons and things of that nature.

6. Web Design Ledger:

It’s the best place for web designers to find blogs and articles on web designing, graphic designing, user experience. In addition, you’ll also find some interviews and recommendations. They cover all the topics regarding website design as well as coding with HTML5 and textures.


With more than a million followers, Co Design is one of the best online forums tips on how to enhance website design. It has blogs that focus on both the design and business including areas where these two interacts.

8. InspiredM

Another great place for some creative and innovative ideas on the website designing.

9. Six Revisions

Six Revisions has some really useful information for web designers and developers. It outlines all the aspects of web designing and covers everything from website design tools to project management and web standards tips. And not this, it will also tell you what you’re doing wrong and how you can make it right.

10. SitePoint

SitePoint is a popular blogging platform. It helps web professionals in all sorts of web related fields including development, design, SEO, programming and much more. It has both free and premium version. Premium membership option have access to hundreds of thousands of tutorials and tips.

Emily Smith

Emily Smith is an ed-tech enthusiast and has been associated with CWS Technology as a writer for more than 7 Years. CWS is the leading web development company offering its expertise in custom application development, application management outsourcing, consulting, and system integration. Emily has a passion for writing on emerging technologies like application management outsourcing, consulting, system integration etc.

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