website niche finding tips

website niche finding tips for Beginner.

Some people want to make website but they could not decide niche. They have thought lots of topic, even they might have decided 9 or 10 or even more topics. But they could not make decision to make a website to particular topic. I was also one of them. I also could not decide the niche of website. I think you are also one of them. So I am writing this article to help those people who are in this situation.

Why finding website niche is so important?
Finding a niche of website gives you clear idea about website content, structure, audience etc.

Here are some website niche finding tips that might help you.

General topic vs focus topics:
There are some topics which are made to focus on particular topic. is made by using focused topic which is ‘website and SEO’ Means I have made website for those who want to make website and improve their business by improving SEO.
These websites are easy to optimize because content are focused on certain topic. But you will get less audience if you choose niche who has too much less audience.

There are some niche which are made for all people. For example shopping, news, social network etc. If you made website on this topic and rank well on search engine, then you will get huge amount of traffic. But websites made up of these topics are difficult to optimize, Because variety of content came from different resources.

Specific country vs whole world:
Some niche are made only for specific country and they not important for whole world.For example South Indian movies.
south Indian movies are specially made for Indian people because their language not understandable outside India. So this kind of websites are optimized easily in specific country and these website gets more traffic from from that particular country.
Most of these kind of domain are country domains. There extensions are as per country like .in , .uk, .au etc.

Some niche are made for all over the world like my website
These kind of website can get traffic from all over the world. But optimization process takes long time. Once your website ranked well then it will get huge traffic.

Determine your audience need:
Determining audience need is the most important step to find the niche. There are still many people who can’t speak English well. So speaking English is need of people. So you can make website to teach English. There are also people who need some advance knowledge of computer. So you can make website to provide technical knowledge. There are lots of topic where you can find lots of audience. I have made because there are many people who want to make website and rank well. Making website and rank well is need of some audience. In this way I have determined my audience.

Check your knowledge:
If you are making Informative website first you should have some knowledge about that topic. The person who hates mathematics can’t make website for teaching mathematics. If you have great knowledge of Microsoft Office then I recommend to choose Microsoft Office as a niche and start making website to teach MS Office. The more knowledge you have, more posts you can create. To improve your knowledge of specific topic read books and search on internet about specific topic.

Vision and future niche:
If you are visionary person then you can achieve great success. Visionary people thinks about future. There are lot of things, lots of topics  in world which have ordinary value now but value can be increase in future. Before 21st century, very less amount of websites registered. But now there are billions of websites. But people who made there website before 21st century they earns lots of money. I am creating this website by thinking that after 3 years number of webmaster will increase 10 or more times than today and my website will help them. You can also think like that. There are various technology can be come in future. But you have seen these technology in movies. Why? Because crater of that movies thought future.

Think different get different:
To achieve great success you must think different. If you think same as crowd thinks then success possibility will be less because of increased competition. Before thinking your niche you must think about competition. More competition means less possibility of success. That’s why we hate competition.