What is the best article? How to write it?

The Best article is an article which fulfills users all needs quickly and encourages the user to share.

How to write a best articleIt is always recommended that an article should be more than 300 words. Sometimes it is not possible for some webmaster to write big articles. Hence, they write something extra (like summary, helping paragraphs) to fulfill 300 word article.

But according to me, how to write the best article?

If you can’t write big articles, no problem. Just focus on your aim. Write exact sentences that you want to show the users.
Write the article in such a way that, the user feels “wow! it’s useful”.
Users just like to read useful articles, not a big articles. I have seen various readers scroll down till he get the exact point that he want. Also, some readers just readers just read the summary and decides whether to leave the website or read a complete article.
Hence, while writing a article make sure that user fulfill his needs without scrolling. Or at least, he should feel that he is reading an useful article. So that he will scroll with pleasure. 
If user fulfills his needs after reading an article, he will share it. That improves the social signals and leads to rank well on search engine.
  • Write an exact article that user needs.
  • Focus on keyword and keyword density limit.
  • And enable social like and share.
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