What kind of nature that every blogger should have?

Nature-of-the-bloggerEvery person has a different nature, behavior, mind, thinking, etc. and that’s why every person is unique. The nature of the person is one of the aspect that can make a difference between successful and unsuccessful people among the world. Every organization has a special people and they are special because of their different nature.

As per above summary, Have you ever noticed the nature of the successful blogger?
Have you thought, What kind of nature that every blogger should have?

Let’s take a look.


Have you ever played a Strategic game? To win any game you need a perfect strategy. In the strategic game, you will get a character on which you can provide your name. In that game you have to complete their missions and you can become more powerful by improving health, attack, defense, etc. If you are a regular player of that game, you will become one of the most powerful characters in that game.

Same thing is applies for blogger. Blogging is itself a game of the Strategy. In which you are the real character, and you have to apply the proper strategy to get placed on the top of the Search Engine Ranking Pages (SERP’s).


Lots of new bloggers always willing to get bulk of traffic in short interval of time. As they are not getting an expected traffic they turn into the aggressive blogger and become a victim of black hat SEO and Google penalize them by using a proper algorithm like Google panda and penguin.

But reality is different. Search engine need a time to index a page. Search Engine decides the ranking as per SEO factors.


The blogger should be adaptable to Search engine updates and guidelines. He may need to change his strategy as per search engine new update. The blogger should be familiar with new search engine updates.


The blogger should have great observation skills. If his creation either got a high rank or Demoted on Search Engine Ranking pages, In both cases he should know the reason.

Ability to work on down-phase

It is possible that, bloggers may make some mistakes which are against Search Engine guidelines. Search Engines may penalize his blog by considering these kind of mistakes and that may lead to severe visitor drop. This situation is also known as a down-phase.

Various Bloggers takedowns their blog after Search Engine penalty. But the real blogger is the one who able to observe, edit and removes the mistakes from his blog in such a way that it follows Search Engine Guidelines. After that he request the search engine for reconsideration and get his traffic back.


People love to visit the blog which updates regularly. And Search Engine too. Regularity is also one of the factors of SEO technique.