Why people makes a website?

If you think about number of webpages on the web, you will feel surprise looking on the number that Google shows . Google says, There are 16 trillion webpage on the web, i.e 1600 billion. If you think more on this, the question will come in your mind, Why people makes a website?

There are lot of reasons behind making of websites.

  • To make the business more professional.

    Almost every company has a website. Because a website can make their business more professional. People can understand about the company by visiting on their corresponding websites. Some people analyse the value of company by looking into their website. Professionally built website made the company more professional.

  • To share talent and knowledge all over the world.

    Many people have a special talent or have some unique knowledge that no one has. But no one knows some of these people. Because, they haven’t shared their knowledge and talent. Some people share their knowledge through social networks. But there is possibility to steal their knowledge. Hence, these people need a website.
    If these kinds of people put their knowledge on their own website then nobody can steal it.

  • To get the job.

    Putting website name in the resume makes it more professional. This may improve the chance to get selected for the job. That’s my experience.

  • To earn money.

    This is the main reason behind to make a website. The more popular website gets, the more earning. People use SEO techniques to popular their blog (This website will help you to learn this technique). When user click on ads on website, the owner of the blog gets a revenue. Huge amount of webpages are on the web because of this reason.

  • Excitement.

    Some people are excited to make the website. They wants to know, how to make website. They surf on internet, watches tutorial and then they create a website.

  • Creating website became easy and in very cheap price.

    Now creating a website becomes very easy task. Anyone can make a website who have basic knowledge of computer. No coding knowledge is required. This is possible because of built in Content Management Systems such as WordPress, blogger.
    Also people can buy domain names in affordable price and then they can start their website. In fact you can also make website free of cost. But you will get their extension such as yourdomain.blogspot.com, yourdomain.wordpress.com .

So what you think, Do you wanna make a website?