WordPress Dashboard

What is WordPress Dashboard?

Wordpress dashboardWordPress dashboard is main part of WordPress content management system where all functionality for making website are available. WordPress Dashboard shows all components  which is essential for website. These components are kept left side of dashboard. We enlisted all the basic components of WordPress. Dashboard is first screen appears after Log in WordPress.

How to access dashboard?

  • Write www.websitename.com/wp-admin in URL bar. example: sushfungames.com/wp-admin.
  • Login with your username and password which you had given while installing the WordPress.
  • Your dashboard will open.

Some useful components of WordPress Dashboard:

wordpress dashboard


The Dashboard contains the following modules:

  • At a Glance.
  • Quick Draft.
  • Activity.
  • Your Stuff.
  • What’s Hot.
  • Stats.

At a Glance.

Shows your number of blog’s posts, pages, comments, theme, and spam. Click on the links and you’ll be taken to the associated screen.
at a glance

Quick Draft.

Quick Draft is a mini-post editor that allows instant content creation from the Dashboard. You can include a title and body text in the post, and save it as a Draft.

quick draft on wordpress dashboard


Shows recently uploaded posts and recent comments.If you hover your mouse over one of the listed comments, you will see options like Approve/Unapprove, Reply, Edit, See the History, Mark as Spam, or Trash.If you click on the Reply option, a form will appear which letting you reply to the comment directly from the Dashboard.

Your Stuff.

Shows links to your recent activity on WordPress.com.

What’s Hot.

What’s Hot is a module to show links to:

  • Recent posts from the WordPress.com News blog
  • Top WordPress.com blogs
  • Top Posts from around WordPress.com
  • Latest Posts


Shows graph of your blog’s traffic. Also shows number of organic traffic.

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