WordPress Widgets – WordPress Tutorial

What are WordPress Widgets?

Almost Every Theme provides sidebars. Number of sidebars are depend on which theme you have chosen. WordPress Widgets are used to add features and content in your sidebars. Themes also provides area other than sidebar such as header, footer.

The area like sidebars, header, footer where you can put your content From Appearance–>widget is called as ‘widget area’ or ‘widgetized area’ . and content in widget area is called as widget.

You may not understood above definitions. But there is no tough job in adding widgets. No coding knowledge is required. It is very easy and useful functionality provide by WordPress.

WordPress provides some default plugins such as calender, pages, recent posts, recent comments, search, archives, text etc. Some plugins can add their own widgets.

Lets learn How to use widgets.

Adding widget in widget area

  • Go to Appearance –> widget.
  • Choose widget and drag it to widget area or click on it to select widget area that you want.
  • Preview your website.

The following image shows some existing widgets added in widget area.

WordPress widgets

The following image shows how these widgets actually looks in website.

WordPress widgets area example

Arranging widget placement

You may have many widgets in same widget area. Sometimes you need to arrange it upward or download. You can drag it into space of your choice.

Customizing widget

Customize features are also available for widget. Customization option is depend on widget. You may have Facebook page like box widget which comes with some customization option such as height, width, Facebook page URL etc.  Widget named as recent post also have customization options such as number of posts. display post date. Almost every widget has customize option that can be available by clicking on downward arrow of widget. Don’t forget to save after customization.

customize widget

Use of Text widget

Text widget is one of the default widget comes after WordPress installation. You can add text, images, videos, lists etc.

To use text widget drag it in widget area. click on downward arrow. Add some HTML code. and save.

You can add some embed code like you tube video, Facebook fan page etc.

The following image shows some embed code added in text widget inside footer 1 widget area from YouTube

Text widget example

See how this code looks in my website. That’s how you tube video embedded in footer 1 widget area

preview widget







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